Before the NFL season starts, you will make the following picks for the season:

  • Division winners, 2nd place and last place for all four divisions in both the NFC and AFC. (24 picks)
  • Wild Card winners (2) from the AFC and NFC. (4 picks)
  • Individual leaders in passing, rushing, receiving, sacks, and interceptions for both the AFC and NFC. (10 picks)
  • The team that will score the most points in each conference (AFC and NFC). (2 picks)
  • Tiebreaker: Choose the team with the most special teams touchdowns. (Kickoffs and punts returned for touchdowns). (1 pick)

Changing your picks

After you submit your picks, you can change any pick until the kickoff of the first game of the season without penalty. Unlike MLBPool2, there is no opportunity to change your picks at the season's halfway mark.

Individual Leaders

These are staggered to improve the odds of earning points. Using most passing yards thrown by a QB, if the player you pick ends up throwing for the most yards, you get 30 points. If he is second in passing yards, you get 20 points. If he is third, you get 10 points. You will choose an individual leader in each category for both conferences (AFC and NFC).

Double Points Bonus

If you are unique in your choice of any pick, you will be eligible for double points in that category. For instance, if you are the only person to pick Russell Wilson for passing yards, and he somehow ends up in the mix, you would earn 60 points instead of 30 (if he ends in 1st place), 40 instead of 20 (2nd place), or 20 instead of 10 if no one else has chosen him. This applies to all picks and you can earn points (and double points if you are the only one to pick that player) if the player you choose finishes in first, second or third. If you are the only player to pick the Cleveland Browns to finish first in the AFC North, you would earn 100 points, instead of 50. NFLPool is typically won by players who guess correctly on the double points bonus. There are 1600 total possible points to be earned, excluding the double points for unique picks.

Points Breakdown:

Division picks

For each division in the two conferences, pick which teams will come in first, second and last place. If you pick the New England Patriots to come in first, and they finish first, you earn 50 points. You can pick the same team multiple times. You could pick the Patriots to finish first and second to hedge your bet. 8 divisions of three picks each:

Pick 1st Place 2nd Place Last Place
AFC East 50 30 20
AFC North 50 30 20
AFC South 50 30 20
AFC West 50 30 20
NFC East 50 30 20
NFC North 50 30 20
NFC South 50 30 20
NFC West 50 30 20

Wildcard Picks

Pick two teams from each conference that will make the playoffs as the Wildcard.

Wildcard Points
AFC Wildcard #1 25
AFC Wildcard #2 25
NFC Wildcard #1 25
NFC Wildcard #2 25

Individual Picks

Pick one player in each category that you believe will lead the league in a given category. You will earn points if that player finishes first, second or third in his conference. If he doesn't, you earn zero points. Ties use standard competition ranking.

Individual Category - AFC First Place Second Place Third Place
Passing 50 30 20
Rushing 50 30 20
Receiving 50 30 20
Sacks 50 30 20
Interceptions 50 30 20
Individual Category - NFC First Place Second Place Third Place
Passing 50 30 20
Rushing 50 30 20
Receiving 50 30 20
Sacks 50 30 20
Interceptions 50 30 20


Team with most points scored Points
AFC 20
NFC 20
Team with the most special teams touchdowns

Fees and Payouts

The entry fee is $100. Payouts will be determined by the number of players and 100% of the fees are paid to the league players. Up to 14 players will pay the first, second and third place winners. Fifteen players and above will also add a 4th place winner. NFLPool does not collect any service fees.